Cat and the Underdogs have been playing together for ten years, during that time we've released a 7" and gigged in Sweden, England and Norway. The hights were Stockholm Punk Rock Festival, Rebellion and supporting Stiff Little Fingers in Sweden. Most of us in the band have been playing Punk Rock for over 40 years and in some known bands as AVSKUM, E.A.T.E.R., Hollywood Indians, Suicide Pilots and Dublin Fair, music formed our lifes. We are playing that kind of good music we all grew up to.

A few years ago we've got a new singer and drummer and everything got cleared. We contacted an old friend of us, Chips Chiesbye, the guitarrist in Sator and The Boys, the guy behind The Hellacopters and The Nomads amongest others. He agreed to take us on and together we've recorded an album, Punk Rock Overdrive, which we are very proud of. Chips found thing in our songs that we didn't even knew of and Henryk Lipp did some excellent mixing of the album.

Since the release of Punk Rock Overdrive have the band been touring alot, played some festivals and this summer Cat and the Underdogs have been invited to three festivals, The Pizzacrust Festival in Karlstad, Hugo Fjäderben outside Kalmar and The Rebellion Festival in Blackpool again. This autum there will be gigs with Troublemakers and City Saints in Oslo and Gothenburg. Check out our Upcoming Gigs!

See you at the front!

                   THOMAS                                            HÅKAN                                                  JARLE                                                FREDRIK                                             ÅKE