The Cops Are Comming is our first E.P. and it was recorded during some furious weekends in our rehearsal studio. The first edition were pressed in 100 green cover in blood red transparent vinyl and 200 red cover in blood red transparent vinyl. The second edition were pressed in 100 red cover in royal blue transparent vinyl and 100 UK cover in royal blue transparent vinyl. Some came with stickers on or in the cover.

This is our new album wich will be released on vinyl, hopefully in July 2022. We have recorded the ablum in Studio Music-A-Matic in Gothenburg and Planet Of Noise Studio in Limmared. The production have been made by Chips Kiesbye, known for playing guitar in Sator, The Boys and Thåström. He produced us when he had some spare time doing the new albums with The Hellacopters and The Nomads. Henryk Lipp did the mixing and a very good job. These two guys foundthings in the band that we didn't even knew of and we are very proud of the record.

The record will be released by DDR in Ludvika and distributed by Border Music in Gothenburg. In the end of may you'll be able to pre-order Punk Rock Overdrive from our Bandcamp with some very nice and very limited bundles, with coloured vinyls and signed prints.